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Valerie Leow

Editor in Chief

Hi there! My name is Valerie, and I'm excited to be serving as the Editor-in-Chief of Lazy Faire for the 2019-2020 academic year. I joined Lazy Faire in my first year of Business, as it revolves around showcasing the voice of students through a platform that heavily encourages open discourse and healthy debate. And I've been with Lazy Faire ever since - as a writer in my first year, and in my second year as VP Editorial - and I can honestly say that it's been one of the highlights of my university experience thus far. One thing people should know about me is that I don't shy away from featuring more "controversial" topics in my work - be it fiction or nonfiction - as I believe it's important to have a safe space to discuss issues so prevalent in our society as to have been deemed "controversial" in the first place. I'm a fourth-year student, currently pursuing a major in Business Economics and Law, with double minors in Psychology and Sociology. Reading and writing are my bread and butter. When not doing either, I can usually be found doodling on my Wacom tablet, making three-dimensional mini wire sculptures, or needle felting palm-sized stuffed animals.


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Rachita Chugh

VP Editorial

My name is Rachita and I am thrilled to be one of two VP Editorials for Lazy Faire for the 2019-2020 year. I started with LF as a writer last year; I initially joined LF with the intention of pursuing my passion of writing and journalism. I am a voracious reader and have loved writing ever since I was little. Also, LF gave me an avenue to learn more about ASoB through its students and their stories. I decided to take on an Executive position this year because I grew very fond of the team and people. Apart from LF, I currently sit on the Board of Advisors for Enactus UAlberta, and also served as Co-President last year. If you run into me on campus, talk to me about anything from food, to politics, to your favorite book - I'm always game for a good conversation!


Denise Nguyen

VP Editorial

Hi, I'm Denise, the VP Editorial for Lazy Faire! I'm in my 4th year of business with a marketing major. I first joined Lazy Faire for the awesome team and wanted to contribute to the content we publish. Writing has always come naturally to me and puts me in "the zone". You can catch me around campus pretending to study in the library.

Lazy Faire Team 2019/2010

Editor in Chief



Timiro Mohamed


Hey, my name is Timiro and I’m in my 3rd year Marketing student. You can usually find me listening to a podcast, laughing at nonsense on Black twitter, reading a book of poetry or just generally procrastinating. I’m excited to be able to write and create pieces for Lazy Faire and bring my perspective to the magazine!


Samuel Hughes


Sup. My name is Sam Hughes (4th year Business Economics and Law). Something I like to let people know is that I can be a bit abrasive when you first meet me, but I tend to grow on you. Like a tumour. I am passionate about writing because words are the key to the inner workings of the mind. If you can write clearly, it means that you are thinking clearly. And some of your best ideas come about on a sheet of paper. I decided to join Lazy Faire because I am always seeking new challenges to enhance my writing prowess. The more you challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone, the better a person you become. I am happy to be able to have the opportunity to contribute to the Lazy Faire this year.


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David Dang

Jenna Silverstone


Hello! My name is Jenna Silverstone and I am a third year Business student majoring in marketing. Although I am in the school of business, I aim to achieve a career in the fashion industry doing editorial photography. Aside from school and photos, I have also been dancing since a very young age and have trained in many styles, though have now just settled on doing hip hop and urban choreography. In joining Lazy Faire, I am able to create images for the magazine and am also able to practice, grow, and learn new things to add to my ever-growing skillset. I feel so lucky to be able to exercise both of my passions while attending school! It's definitely not easy but it is worth it. Thanks for listening! If you ever need a photographer I'm always available :)

Levi Soprovich


My name is Levi Soprovich, my role in the Lazy Faire is Photographer. I'm in my fourth year and my major is accounting. If i'm not in class you'll most likely find my at the climbing gym on campus. I'm proud to say I just launched my own photography website recently. You can find my website in the bio link on my instagram @levis_lens. I joined the Lazy Faire because they approached me in need of a photographer and I thought it would be a good way for more people to see my work. Cheers, Levi

SuitsLF Director /Photographer

Hey there! My name is David I am a Suits LF Director & Photographer! I am in my 3rd year of the BCom program, majoring in Accounting. One thing to know me is that I am a very big Oilers fan! In my free time I play and teach piano. My favourite movie is Avengers Endgame, huge fan of the MCU! My dream job would be working as General Manger for any NHL team. I am passionate about photography because I like to capture special moments in time that can’t be expressed in words. I decided to join Lazy Faire because I want to expand my photography portfolio and gain more experience, as I currently run an amateur photography page on Instagram @DangGoodPics !



Steven Prysunka


I’m Steven Prysunka. I’m a new writer at Lazy Faire. I’m a 4th year Buec major. I’m in the U of A Judo Club and love movies, I’m taking a few film studies classes as well. I’m excited to be on the Lazy Faire team because I get the opportunity to write and research interesting, interview motivated and unique people and learn about business happening right here in our community and all over.


Melania Antoszko

VP Art and Design

Hi there! My name is Melania and I am a third year Finance major. People always ask me how I learnt to design and the answer is always Lazy Faire. Back in my first year of business, I was deciding what club to join, then I came across Lazy Faire. I've always loved magazines, but since I can't write, I picked designing. The thing is, I had 0 design experience. When I tell you those first couple months were rough, they were really rough. But I kept working on it, and I slowly got better to the point that I actually enjoy it. I love designing because it allows me to be creative in my finance degree. I hope you all enjoy this year's designs and I would like to shout out my amazing designers Leire, Karman, Jazlynn, Katia and Ivy.


Leire Domenech


Karman Kaur


Hello! I am in my third year of university with a major in Accounting. This is my first year on Lazy Faire as a designer, mainly because I have always enjoyed decorating my room and covering my walls with gigantic posters of Dwight from The Office. I am also so excited to get more involved and make new friends this year. In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family and binging either Brooklyn 99 or Grey's Anatomy.


Hi! I’m Leire and I’m a designer with Lazy Faire magazine. I’m a third-year SMO major with Sociology and International Business minors. I’m also very passionate about Deaf Culture and hope to become an interpreter someday. I’ve always been around art and creativity, either music or drawing and I’m very excited to contribute to the magazine this year! I have lived in many different countries and two continents and I really enjoy learning new languages and knowing more about new cultures. In my free time I love to visit new places, read and watch Netflix! :)

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Ivy Zhou


Hey there! I'm Karman, I'm currently in my third year of University with a major in Finance and a minor in Operations Management. I am looking forward to contributing to Lazy Faire as one of the Designers and gaining some valuable experience while working with an amazing team. I have always had a keen interest in Art and Design and therefore I'm excited about using this platform to practice my long-lost hobby of designing. In my free time, I like to cook, spend time with my near and dear ones. I love traveling, going for long walks, watching the sunset and oh! Reading the LF magazine ;)

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Katia Wlasichuk


Hi! My name is Katia and I’m excited to join the Lazy Faire team for the first time this year as a Designer. There is nothing like a beautiful aesthetic, so I’m looking forward to being a part of telling the stories that business students care about in a visually stunning way. I love everything design related and am constantly seeking out creative new techniques to add to my repertoire. On the personal side, I’m in my third year of business as a Marketing major. You can usually find me drinking way too much coffee with my nose buried in a book or Netflix. If you ever want to talk about Harry Potter for hours on end, I’m your girl! I plan to graduate next year, and until then you can catch me taking part in as many events at the School of Business as I can manage.



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Erica Wee

VP Operations & Finance

Hi everyone! My name is Erica and I'm Lazy Faire's 2019-2020 VP Operations and Finance. I'm currently in my fourth year of my degree with a major in Finance and minor in Marketing. In my free time, I love to travel and experience different cultures and eat as much food as I can! My favourite country that I've visited is Japan and I hope to go back soon. If I could work for any company, it would definitely be one in the fashion industry, such as Vogue. I joined Lazy Faire in my second year of business as a Social Media Director and I'm excited to continue working with the team in my new role. My favourite part of being on the team is the opportunity to apply my creative skills and help curate relevant content for ASoB students!


Daniela Nadeau

VP Marketing

Hi! I’m Daniela and I’m a third-year HR student, and VP Marketing for Lazy Faire! People should know that I try to bring my enthusiasm and passion wherever I go, so I could talk for hours about some of my favourite things like corgis, astrology, makeup, and music. I’m always looking for new music I can relax to/dance to!  I decided to join Lazy Faire because I truly admire the magazine that can help people navigate the craziness that is Business. I am looking forward to being part of this great team :)


Charlotte Grisé

VP Events

Hi! My name is Charlotte and I am this year's VP Events for Lazy Faire. I'm in my fourth year of my degree with a major in marketing and a minor in international business. This is my first year with the club and I'm very excited to be part of something within the school of business. I decided to join Lazy Faire as I'm graduating this year and wanted to help create something other students would enjoy and benefit from before I leave. If I'm not doing school work or studying, you'll catch me doing my favourite activities: watching endless TV shows and movies or playing intramural dodgeball or soccer. I'm super passionate about entertainment and would love to work for either NBC or Disney (to get all those Marvel secrets). Looking forward to this year and for you to read our great magazine and check out some events we will be having!


Hey! My name is Jazlynn and I am a designer this year for Lazy Faire. I am in my fourth year of studies with a major in Marketing. I enjoy designing as I have always loved making art from a young age and it also serves as a creative outlet for me. One of my favourite books is Circe by Madeline Miller, 10/10 would recommend if you are looking for something new to read or love retellings of greek mythology. I decided to join Lazy Faire because I wanted to try a different form of design and learn new skills. I look forward to everything this year will bring and am very excited to be a part of the team!​



Jazlynn Chan