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Student Spotlight - Paris Morin

Written by: Katie Fitzgerald

Photographed by: Austin Yee

As seen in the September 2018 Lazy Faire issue

Paris Morin is a fourth year Bachelor of Commerce student with a major in finance and a minor in accounting. She is an ambitious go-getter that, not only has an entrepreneurial spirit, but also has a love for scuba diving. Throughout her time at the University of Alberta, she has volunteered with Safe Walk and participated in many business case competitions such as: CPA Case Competition, HKUST CICC in Hong Kong, and UNICC in Spain.

This month, we chatted with Paris about overcoming fear, finding balance, and making the most out of the university experience.

What is your advice for incoming School of Business students?

Be open to opportunities. We all have different standards of how organized we want to be with our lives, but make sure you aren’t stuck on one path. You never know when another door will open and your whole life will change, so just be receptive and open minded.

How do you make the most out of your university experience?

Take advantage of your electives; there are so many really cool courses at the U of A. For example, I took a Latin American course and it was the best course I’ve ever taken. It’s a great idea to take some electives outside of the Faculty of Business to expand your horizons a bit. Next piece of advice I have is to find the things that you are interested in and worry less about your resume. At the end of the day, an experience is an experience, and you can always take something away from it. In addition, if you are starting to get comfortable within a certain club or extracurricular activity, try finding something that is the next level up from that. Let yourself be uncomfortable.

What do like best about being the Course Coordinator of BUS 201?

I love BUS 201 because it reminds me a lot of my experience with Junior Achievement. I think what is really engaging about the BUS 201 course is that it’s a 500-person class and inspiration really is everywhere. I think that it’s a course that is truly meant to be challenging, and a great way to test your limits.

What I am really excited for this year is seeing the ideas that students have and how they execute them. That sense of accomplishment that students will have at the end of the term is really inspiring as well. A good reminder to the incoming students is that they are really going to have to test themselves and come up with ideas that they didn’t think they were capable of. I think they just have to believe that they have the skill set right now to do well in BUS 201.

What did you enjoy most about your experience with the Scuba Club?

The Scuba Club was where I learned to embrace fear. I had a scary experience when I was first learned to scuba dive, and it was the Scuba Club that helped me push that fear away. I jumped right in and went on a week-long Bahamas trip with the club, where we went scuba diving at least four times a day. It taught me that if you are afraid of something, the best way to get rid of that fear is to just do it. Be sure to find a support network that can be there when it gets hard to break through that fear.

How do you balance school life with extracurricular activities?

I believe that no matter what you do, you will always make it work. It goes back to choosing what you say yes and no to. When you find things that you care about and that relate to who you truly are, balancing things gets a lot easier. If you are struggling to find balance, look at what feels like a chore and reflect on that. It is also okay to take a breather. The world is not going to fall apart because you turn your cell phone off for two days; everything is going to be just fine. Take time for yourself when you need it and go to bed early.

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