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LF Reviews - Why Did You Choose Business?

Written by: Denise Nguyen

As seen in the February issue of Lazy Faire magazine.

This month’s theme is about finding purpose. Sometimes, that means going way back to when you first made that life choice. What were you feeling then? Why did you choose the path you did? What intentions did you have for the future?

We asked, and you answered: what made you join the business faculty? Students of ASOB weigh in on why they chose to study business.


“I chose business because I knew I wanted to get into marketing. I like marketing because it’s kind of the more creative side of business, which is a very practical faculty that still does a lot for our world.”


“I’m chasing the money.”


“I joined business largely because of the opportunity to be part of the business community. Also, the faculty has a ton of opportunities to meet different professionals and find out what your passion is.”


“I wanted to better understand the world. Seeing the world through the lens of economics is fascinating. I also wanted to have the practical skills and knowledge to one day be prepared to be my own boss; I think a business degree is the best way to do that.”


“I wanted to go into business because I loved talking to people. Unfortunately, they don’t like talking to me, so I majored in accounting.”


“Long story short, I [wanted to feel] like what I was learning in school was actually applicable to my everyday life. Not a single day has passed where I needed to know how to insert a bioluminescence gene into the DNA of E.coli, but with business, I've learned how to develop professionally and meet great people both within the business faculty and beyond.”


“It was a strong suggestion from my parents. They thought I would have a huge chance of finding a job with a business degree in general. I didn't get into Engineering, or Sciences, so I chose the Business path.”


“Honestly, I did not know what I wanted to do. I think it was because it was a practical major, there were safe jobs, and I could make a high salary. Also, because I wanted to improve my soft skills such as public speaking. Business is so useful and important in everything I would do.”


“I saw business as the perfect mix of academics and social.”


"Because I wanted to apply business skills and economics in solving social and environmental issues!"

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