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LF Reviews: Wetzel's Pretzels

Written by: Denise Nguyen

As seen in the April 2019 issue of Lazy Faire magazine

LF’s Melania and Denise made a quick stop at the newest addition to HUB’s strip of fast food places — Wetzel’s Pretzels. After being delayed for over a semester, and even gleefully teased by The Gateway, Wetzel’s had students waiting impatiently for months.

Earlier, at the beginning of the month, the lineup had extended past Cookie’s by George next door, who usually takes the brunt of grumpy students in the morning in HUB. Yet, we found ourselves with just a single person ahead of us in line; it was a completely different scene from the long trail they first served just two weeks ago.

After what seemed like two hours of contemplation, we decided to get two of their flavoured pretzels: Sour Cream & Onion for Denise, and Jalapeno Cheese Melt for Melania. The pretzels came out relatively quickly.

On the Sour Cream & Onion:

D: I don’t know. I’ve had this before, and it’s really nothing special.

M: Yeah, it doesn’t really taste like anything.

D: Yeah, you can see the cheese powder on top wasn’t really distributed that evenly. I think it also tastes kind of flavourless because I just had a steeped tea double-double right before this, and that was really sweet.

M: Yeah, you should note that.

D: I’d give it a five. It’s nothing special, and I’m not that hungry anymore.

On the Jalapeno Cheese Melt:

M: This kind of looks like cheese bread from Safeway. Or just pizza.

D: Is that a good thing?

M: I don’t know. It’s… cheese bread.

D: Well, what would you rate it? M: I’d eat it if I was sad and had studied at school all day. It’s a good snack. D: So… that out of ten?

M: Maybe, like, a six?

D: Oh, I can smell the jalapeno. It’s pretty good though. I can really taste the cheese. M: I like mine better.

Final Verdict:

D: Was it even a good idea for you to eat that before going to the gym?

M: It’s fine. I’d give it a seven, now, actually. It’s basically pizza. I would get this again.

D: I think this would be a good snack. Something on-the-go. It’s not too filling. I also think they’re pretty fast when there isn’t a lineup.

M: I’m not really familiar with soft pretzels, so I’m not really sure if they’re that good.

D: I think fast food places are the only times I’ve ever had soft pretzels. But it’s not bad.

The conclusion? Definitely worth trying if you haven’t already at their other locations. But also, not worth the lineup, unless they’re the remix to Ignition — hot and fresh out the kitchen. Make sure not to drink double-doubles before trying!

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