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LF Reviews: Giving up Coffee

Written by: Cleo Williams

As seen in the January 2018 Lazy Faire issue.

Let’s be honest, no matter what class you have in the morning, if it’s before 10am it’s probably hard to wake up for. With winter in Edmonton basically meaning we don’t see the sun, getting out of bed is a special kind of struggle. This is why I, like many sleep-deprived students, turn to caffeine to get me through the day. I stand in line every morning at The Daily Grind to get my trusty Americano, and I can always count on coffee. Seeing as finals season basically triples this dependency, when’s it better to give it up? Here are the results.

Day 1

Got to school and stood in line to get coffee out of habit until I realized where I was and sadly moved on to the library. The first thing to note about giving up coffee, is that suddenly everyone and their dog is drinking it. I have never seen so many awake and refreshed people during finals, nor have I ever smelt coffee from so far away. With everyone else looking chipper, it seemed my eyes had sunken into a dark and tired abyss. It took more than one layer of concealer to bring my face back to life.

In this time of distress, even an overly sweet and creamy French vanilla from Tim’s seemed like a good idea. Although throwing in the towel and grabbing one was inviting, I figured not making it through the first day was a little embarrassing.

Day 2

I could still smell coffee from 10km away, but I felt noticeably less tired than the first day and walking past infinite people with hot cups didn’t do as much harm. With that said, I still felt exhausted enough to take 2 naps in-between practice exams, but we’ll call that standard.

Day 3

Opened my bag to get some hand cream and ended up staring at my “Buy 10 Coffees & get the 11th Free!” card with only two stamps left to my free cup. I have definitely drank more than two cups of coffee in one day, so it was tempting to cash in, but by this time my need had significantly diminished. Other than when prompted by the whiff of coffee from passers-by, my old caffeine-filled friend barely crossed my mind.

Day 4-6

At this point, I was no longer a lesser, coffee-less version of myself, but a fully awake version that didn’t need coffee. Disregarding my new-found energy, I still missed coffee for the taste. Admittedly, I also missed how it made me feel about 10x more professional. Having a hot coffee in the morning brings my dream of becoming Sandra Bullock in The Proposal and having Ryan Reynolds do my latte runs just that much closer.

Day 7

Oddly enough, knowing that I would be able to enjoy my favourite drink the next morning made it harder to resist buying it right away. I was so close and yet so far. Nevertheless, my last day without coffee was a cause for celebration. I did a face mask and went to bed early, knowing that the next day all of this would be over.

There’s two lessons I’ve learned from giving up coffee. The first is it’s not as hard as I thought it would be and the second being I’ll never do it again. To anyone thinking of cutting down on caffeine, let me be the first to tell you that finals season is not the time to do it. After seven days without it, it felt heavenly to sip coffee once again.

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