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LF Reviews: Chillin' for Charity

Written by: Steven Prysunka

As seen in the December 2019 issue of Lazy Faire magazine

Chillin for Charity, hosted by JDC West, is one of the most iconic fundraisers we have on campus. Every November, the “coolest” event on campus raises money for the United Way to create pathways out of poverty in our local community. The brave souls participating give money from their own pocket, along with donations they raise from their best friends (and most likely worst enemies) to don their wackiest costume, head to the quad, and take the polar plunge: a jump into a freezing pool outside in our already famously inhospitable November Edmonton weather. Thankfully the brave souls who emerge from the pool are greeted with a warm BBQ and a post jump Hot Tub, and the always heartwarming sight of the Dean of Education and Associate Dean of Business jumping in too. This year, one of Lazy Faire’s finest designers, Ivy Zhou, was brave enough to participate for the first time in -17 weather. We got her impression on the experience.

Steven: Who did you take the jump with, and why did you do it?

Ivy: I did it with my cohort for cohort points.

Steven: Would you ever do this again and why?

Ivy: I would do it again for fun, because I think it was a good bonding experience.

Steven: Did you notice any techniques being implemented by the jumpers (Cannonballs, belly flops etc.)?

Ivy: One of the guys in my group did the best belly flop ever! I also saw other people doing flips and turns.

Steven: Do you have any advice for those doing it next year?

Ivy: Don’t forget to bring sandals! Or jump in with your socks on.

Steven: What do you think is the best way to raise funds for your jump?

Ivy: Posting about it on Facebook and Instagram is the best.

Steven: Any other highlights?

Ivy: The hot tub was super nice to chill in afterwards, and it was fun to watch Andras jump too!

If you want to support a great cause, become closer with your cohort through shared misery, watch your colleagues attempt their best reverse somersault with 2½ twists into a below zero above ground pool, or just love sitting in a hot tub while watching authority figures freeze...you’ll love Chillin for Charity.

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