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Letters to Letter To My First-Year Self

Written by: Lazy Faire Team

As seen in the April 2019 issue of Lazy Faire Magazine


I know you’re eager to enter university and focus entirely on school. I know you think academics is paramount, and it is – but don’t forget to take advantage of the extra-curricular opportunities you have at your disposal. It will get harder, but just continue to have unflinching faith in yourself and your abilities. I promise you are growing and flourishing, and will continue to do so throughout university.


You know how you got achy legs when you were growing up? How it meant you're going to be maybe another inch taller? You'll notice some different growing pains when you hit uni. In fact, you'll hear a lot about growth – personal, professional growth, in networks, and in skillset – but they won't tell you directly how you'll have to push yourself when you're taking a risk, and you're riddled with self-doubt and low on motivation. How failing sucks, but is necessary. How these growing pains are part of the process, and not the end. As you kept walking when your knees were weak in childhood, have patience and resilience as you keep pushing in your uni years. You're not done growing yet.


You’re going to be facing things you would’ve never dreamed of a little bit from now. But the only way to get to these things is if you learn to say “yes” to something that scares you. After that, you can say “no”, because you’ve “been there, done that”. Also, start using Google Calendar. It’s gonna save you a lot of trouble.


There's more than one way to do things right. Don't stress out about which clubs to join or which classes to take – it'll work out in the end.


Invest time to learn about all the opportunities, and don’t sit back and let yourself get comfortable. Learn to do cases, get comfortable with public speaking, and search out new experiences and different people.


Don't waste your degree taking “GPA boosters” that you don't care about. *cough* Soc 100 *cough*. Take classes because they're interesting or are relevant to your degree.


Make sure to join a club on campus, whether in Business, or on campus in general. You will learn many teamwork skills and meet amazing people.


If you find something you enjoy and excel at, pursue it wholeheartedly. If you aren’t sure where your strengths lie, try as many things as you can until you find out! Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, connect with new people and learn new things.


It's okay to reach out and ask for help sometimes; it takes courage and strength to do so. In fact, not asking for help – especially when you need it most – is actually a weakness.


Be fearless in the pursuit of new opportunities and say yes to the ones that come your way. Diversify your skills and try to learn as much as you can, but always remember to put your physical and mental health first! Things will work out and right now you are exactly where you are meant to be.

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