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Lazy Chat with Gretzie Parth

Written by: Ganit Singh

Photograph was provided

As seen in the March 2018 issue

It’s not every day that you see a student who runs their own business. Despite the demands of a full-time major in accounting, Gretzie Parth owns her own eyelash line as well as several makeup companies that specialize in weddings and events.

Parth turned to the industry first when a friend recommended a course in make-up artistry to make some extra money.

“I kind of pushed it aside. My mom encouraged me to take it because in the worst case, I’d know how to do it, I wasn’t really into makeup at all. I took it with the mentality of ‘I’ll know how to do it if I go out on the weekends or when I have an event to attend. So, they convinced me to enroll in the course and I fell in love with it. It was a shock to me as it was for everybody else.”

Acting boldly on her new-found love, Parth used the experience she gained from freelancing in the bridal industry at GP Makeup, to co-founding Glam Artistry Inc: St. Albert’s innovative makeup artistry and hair studio.

“I realized I was good at it and there was a lot of opportunity in the industry. I was inspired by the people that were teaching me. I decided to go into it full force and it just took off from there.”

One thing that’s evident about Parth is that she never rests in her resolve to explore new opportunity. When asked about her eyelash line, G Class Lashes, she spoke excitedly about her brand’s inception. “As a makeup artist, I would get the (wedding) photos back from photographers and one thing that drove me crazy was the false lashes I was using on my clients. They appealed to be very unnatural and shiny which really bothered me. I was looking around for options and I couldn’t find anything that was appealing and affordable. So joking I was like, I should just start my own eyelash line, and then I did it.

Operating under the tagline “Empowered Woman, Empower Woman,” Parth uses social media as means to relate to her customers.

“People want to feel like you are relatable to them. When I first started my Instagram, I would only post pictures of my work. I found that the more I shared about my personal life as a student or as an entrepreneur, people were more intrigued.”

Parth is a strong believer in standing by your brand and trusting your instincts, when asked about how her vision has changed over time she responded by saying, “The biggest thing is staying true to yourself and not getting distracted by what other people are doing. I believe in my product and I believe in my brand. When you’re confident in yourself, people are confident in you.”

Being that Parth’s businesses and education are at odds for her time, she tries to make the best of both worlds by combining her skills.

“I’ve utilized my degree in accounting for the business knowledge which has helped a lot. The hardest thing about it is being diligent with your time. I think that when you’re passionate about something, you make time for it.”

Parth is a dedicated entrepreneur and makes no excuses when it comes to getting her work done.

“If you’re not going to hustle, success is not going to come to you.”

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