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How to: Elevate Your Ramen

Written by: Makena Kigunda

As seen in the November 2017 Lazy Faire Issue.


Ramen is always there for you. Steady, reliable, convenient, and cheap. What else can you ask for from a food item of choice?

Let’s be honest. Whether you like the taste of instant noodles or not, ramen is the go-to-dish for when your body’s running low on energy, and your bank account’s running red on cash. This is especially true for those of us who live outside the comfort of our parents’ home-cooked meals. Ramen can serve as study sustenance, weekend leftovers, and late night snacks all at one go. For student life, staple or not, that gets old real quick.

But worry no longer, Lazy Faire has got you covered. Whether you’ve had enough of the same-old-noodles, or just want to switch it up, we’re here with five creative ways to elevate your ramen.


When you’re building a house, you start with the foundation. When you’re cooking up some ramen, flavour starts at the noodle. Try trading in your instant noodle collection for the uncooked or fresh variant. The best part about ramen noodles is that they come in their thin diameter, which means, instant or not, you won’t spend much time waiting.


Now that you have the noodle selection figured out, considered what your bathing ‘em in. Stepping up your ramen game from water to broth changes the narrative - completely. And there’s not just one kind! Whether you flavour the base with chicken, beef, or another kind of stock, you’ve just taken your ramen to the next level. You might also consider changing up the consistency by adding starch as a thickener.


A sure proof way to spice up your dish is to do just that… add spice. That extra sriracha has to go somewhere. Another seasoning classic is miso, or shoyu (Japanese soy-sauce) for the tamed tastebuds. It’s often the smallest additions that create the largest flavour profiles.


One way to make your meal more substantive, is to prep some protein to add along to it. Whether that’s eggs, seafood, pork, or Alberta beef, a little protein can go a long way. Your ravenous stomach will thank you for it.


Ultimately, how you elevate your noodles is bound by your own creativity. Try your turn experimenting in the kitchen and see what comes out of it. You can top off your ramen platter with spring vegetables, sesame seeds, or whatever feels right to you. Remember you can eat on a budget, and eat right too.


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