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Courses to Take Advantage of in Your Undergrad

Written by: Katie Fitzgerald

As seen in the April 2019 issue of Lazy Faire Magazine

There are many courses that are offered here at the University of Alberta that can enhance your overall student experience. Taking a variety of electives not only gives you knowledge on a diverse array of topics, but it also provides you with the opportunity to discover different perspectives, which assists you in becoming a more well-rounded individual. A common misconception about university is that you have to stick to electives that are within your faculty, or only take courses that are related to your major or minor. Post-secondary is a time to explore your passions and learn where your interests lie. Here are a list of courses that could possibly enhance your undergraduate university experience:

Are you a self-motivated person who would rather sit in your pajamas and study your course material? Then taking an online course could be a great option for you:

DINO 101: The world’s first paleobiology Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Register for it under “PALEO 200 - Dinosaurs in the Fossil Record” on BearTracks.

Mountains 101: A 12-lesson Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the geological origins and cultural significance of mountains, and the effects of climate change on them. Sign up for it under “INT D 280” on BearTracks for credit.

Passionate about sports and keeping active? Then taking a PAC course as an elective could give you a great physical break in your class schedule:

PAC 110: Instruction of the Basics of Aquatics

PAC 111: Instruction of the Basics of Basketball

PAC 114: Instruction of the Basics of Hockey

PAC 156: Instruction of the Basics of Yoga

Have a passion for sciences that you want to explore while in university? Try out these:

HGP 100: Human Geography

EAS 202: Violent Weather

EAS 100: “Rocks for Jocks”

ASTRO 120: Astronomy of the Solar System

Looking to expand your knowledge of Spanish culture? Try taking these courses to spice up your class schedule:

SPAN 499: Culture of Food

SPAN 425: Hispanic Filmmakers

SPAN 460: Self Portraits in Writing

Fascinated with folklore and magic? Give these enchanting electives a shot:

C LIT 243: Fairy Tales and Folk Tales

RELIG 274: Witchcraft & the Occult

Scandalized by Scandinavian studies? This course may be right up your alley:

SCAND 399: Madness, Myth, and Modernity

Finally, want to gain credit for your Fortnite addiction? Well, have I got a course list for you: HIST 191: Use of World History in Video Games

STS 350/351: Understanding Video Games

INTD 350: Game Design Principles and Practice

University is a great time to try new experiences and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Next time you have three credits to spare in your schedule — and are looking for an elective that won’t make you want to fall asleep in class — check out some of these courses!

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