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Best and Worst Places to Study at the University of Alberta

Written by: Will Swain

As seen in the September 2019 issue of Lazy Faire magazine

Join Lazy Faire as we rank the best place to study (A Tier) to the worst (F Tier). Don't agree with this list? Comment down below what you think.


A Tier


ECHA is the most fiercely contested study spot on campus for good reason. It is clean, quiet, and has gigantic rooms with built-in projectors and speakers. Also, there is a Starbucks inside of it - how is this even fair to the other study spots? These enormous rooms designed for 15+ people are the perfect spot for you and your friends (both of them) to book for 12 hours as you try to be productive.


Cons: If you’re not there before it opens, you’re not getting a space. Period.



B Tier

Business Library

I might be a little bit biased, but the business library is a little slice of heaven on campus. The desks are cramped and awkward, the computers are always full, and the group study rooms sometimes sound like a rave, (it’s a glass door people, not a titanium wall...) but the librarians are absolute gems. AND it’s literally a 30 second walk from the classrooms. 9/10


C Tier

Law Library

Where few business students have gone before. The Law library is where you go when you really need to put your nose to the grindstone. If you are a fan of breathing loudly, eating, or human interaction in general, don’t go here. It’s so quiet you can actually hear your grades dropping - time ceases to exist - there is only study. 8/10

Rutherford South

The study space that time forgot. This library feels straight out of the 1940s (and probably is) with its wooden furniture, vintage aesthetic, and giant collection of dusty encyclopedias. The 2nd floor is historically called ‘The Harry Potter room’ by students, because it looks straight out of Hogwarts, but I would argue the true Harry Potter room is the spooky basement bathrooms, which look like the ones Harry and Ron fought a troll in. 8/10

Rutherford North

Just an all around solid study spot. It is very close to the business building, with a boujee computer lab, and lots of quiet study space with comfy seating.

Cons: On weekends, the library has a chaotic energy. Somehow there are almost always children playing Roblox on the computer - people have seen these kids, right? I’m not crazy, right? 8/10


D Tier


If you would like to see where our school’s budget went, be sure to check out the pristine study spots of ETLC and DICE. This sucker has 14 full floors for you to explore, and is home to the best view of the river valley on campus. Super nice, but very far and slightly intimidating. 7/10


Apparently you can study here and it’s kind of good, but it also reminds me of my high school, so it’s slightly traumatizing. 7/10


E Tier

HUB lounges

HUB is the most iconic building on campus. Part ‘mall’, part residence, part study space - it’s really got it all. There are 3 lounges in HUB where you can study and enjoy the smell of 30 different restaurants mixed in to one another. It is also conveniently connected to the public LRT, and open to literally anyone, so the potential study buddies here are endless.

A nice casual study spot that closes too early. 6/10


Even though its always full of people eating and talking, SUB is a very popular study spot somehow. It has the best selection of food on campus and some comfy couches to study on, so it has that going for it I guess. Also, you can legally sleep here overnight, and you won’t get kicked out, so it’s kind of like a library and a 1 star hotel all in one!!! Great space for late-night studying, but if you enjoy being able to hear your thoughts, don’t go at lunchtime. 5/10


F Tier

Cameron Library

This library is pretty decent. It’s massive and open 24/7, so it is a great place for last minute group projects. The basement computer lab is about 100 degrees, so it double functions as a sauna. The rest of the floors are a wild combo of computer labs, lounges, and group study spaces. Decent library, always open, but its main floor washrooms are the most cursed rooms on campus, so it gets a 4/10.

Rooms in Tory

If you are looking for your own private classroom to study in, look no further than Tory. With so many floors, and maze-like hallways, you are bound to find at least 1 open room. Just be prepared to be kicked out when a night class you’ve never heard of enters the room.

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