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6 Tips on How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

Written by: Katie Fitzgerald

As seen in the January 2019 Lazy Faire issue

Add a Headshot to Your Profile

Adding an eye-catching headshot is one of the best ways to give a great first impression, and it also portrays sense of who you are. There are tons of opportunities on campus to get free high quality headshots done throughout the year! This will give your profile a professional look, and it will make it seem like you put effort into your profile. LinkedIn profiles without a photo usually get overlooked, so be sure to add one.

Create an Interesting Summary

Write your profile summary as if it is the “Hook Sentence” within an essay. You want this to be a captivating paragraph that dives a bit deeper into the experiences you have stated within your profile. In addition, you can elaborate a bit about your various passions and hobbies — anything that relates to who you are and why you are interested in what you do.

Ask Past Employers To Submit Recommendations for Your Profile

This tool is a great way to give you credibility. There is a feature on LinkedIn where past or present employers can submit recommendations and compliment you on the exceptional work you completed for them. This will not only make your profile more interesting, but it will let viewers know that you are a dedicated and hard worker.

Inject Personality

One of the biggest misconceptions on LinkedIn is that you have to maintain overall professionality, and that you can’t show your true colors on the platform. When, really, that is exactly what employers are looking for! Company culture is a huge component of a workplace, and employers want to know if your personality will fit in with their team. In addition, it makes your profile more entertaining and personable to view.

Engage on the Platform

The best way to give your profile more exposure on LinkedIn is to like, comment, and post on the platform. When someone likes your post, it gets shown to all of their connections. So when you start posting content, you never know who your post could actually reach. Maybe it will be your next employer!

Make Sure It Is Complete, Filled Out, and Up To Date

Try to complete as much of your LinkedIn profile as possible. Add details to your job experiences, ask people to endorse you in the skills section, include any accomplishments or awards, along with any interesting projects you may be working on. You can add much more to a LinkedIn profile than you can to a traditional cover letter and resume, so take advantage of the extra bragging rights.

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