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5 Tips on How to Grow Professionally During University

Written by: Katie Fitzgerald

As seen in the September 2018 Lazy Faire issue

Grow Your Network

As cliché as it sounds, a great way to grow your professional network is through networking events. There are events occurring all throughout the university, as well as within the city, each week. In addition, you should try to utilize your LinkedIn account. This platform can be a good way to make connections, as well as find possible jobs and volunteer opportunities. Finally, business is truly about who you know. Your network can help you with future job offers and as give you possible sources for references. Be sure to be open minded and get to know new people every chance you get throughout your time in university.

Learn extra skills outside of the classroom

University is a great way for you to learn skills that can help you navigate through your career in business. Yet, there are many things to learn that can’t be fully taught in school. Amongst your busy school schedule, it might be hard to find time to take outside courses. However, you could look into taking them during your summer break or during your reading weeks. Striving to learn skills outside of school can benefit you immensely because it gives you a unique set of experience and knowledge to take with you into internships, as well as into full-time positions once you are done school.

Get Involved Within the University

Joining clubs and volunteering within the university is not only a exceptional way to gain valuable experience, but it is also an awesome way to meet new people. Building your network within the university can, not only enhance your overall university experience, but it can help you down the road as well. Ultimately, the people you meet while you are at school will be the ones you graduate with and/or even work with. In addition, creating a strong community and support system can be a great way to help you get through the many stresses that come with being a student.

Volunteer for Associations Outside of the University

The benefit of volunteering with associations outside of the university is that you gain diverse experiences. Additionally, many different associations provide the opportunity for role promotions over time so you can gain more responsibility. It is also a fantastic opportunity to, not only network with business professionals, but also push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Find a Professional Mentor

Obtaining a mentor is an ongoing effort; it takes time to get to know them. A great way to initiate a mentorship relationship is to ask someone you find inspiring or motivational out for a coffee meeting. Furthermore, having the right intentions when developing a relationship with a mentor is very crucial. Try not to make obtaining a job from your professional connection your main goal. Instead, focus on really getting to know them through nurturing the professional relationship.

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